Bathtub Refinishing


Refinishing a Bathtub Has a Huge Value

Isn’t it better to refinish your tub rather than replace it, which will save you both time and money?

At a price you can afford, we can modify the look of your bathroom without having to rip it apart! Our skilled staff can give you the look of a brand new tub for a fraction of the expense and time it would take to completely replace your bathtub.

Bathtub Refinishing Is a Great Way to Modernize Your Bathroom.Your bathtub’s hue was last popular in the ’70s.

360° Transformation Group can restore your bathtub if it has become chipped, scraped, stained, or painted an unappealing hue (anyone remember harvest gold?). A soiled or out-of-date tub could only be removed by replacing it, but that’s no longer the case. The latest technologies in bathtub refinishing allow us to transform your old tub into a brand new one right in front of your eyes.


Why Should You Hire Us for Countertop Resurfacing?

Some Reasons

Bathtub Refinished by Our Company

Bathtub refinishing may improve even the most antique of properties. If you adore your historic or older home’s clawfoot tub but despise the rust stains or finish chipping, finding an affordable replacement is impossible! Refinishing fiberglass bathtubs to a high-gloss, long-lasting finish is an option that we may provide for you.

Similarly, modern bathtubs that may be soiled or outdated can be revived with a new fiberglass gel coat that makes the tub look new again!

What to Expect from a Tub Reglazing Project

It’s not merely a big financial commitment to have your bathtub replaced. It necessitates tearing down your current fixture, searching for a replacement of the exact same size, and crossing your fingers that it will fit when you get it home. Following the installation, there is a lengthy clean-up process.

Refinishing your bathtub allows you to:

  • Savings in the tens of thousands
  • You can change the look of your bathroom by purchasing a new bathtub.
  • Retain a piece of history in your ancient house.
  • Reduce the amount of time it takes to complete the work and clean up
  • Bathe in your tub immediately or the following day.
  • Decide on a specific shade.
  • Instead of replacing your bathtub, why not have it refinished?


With tub reglazing, you can finally get rid of the salmon-colored tub! Instead of searching for a bathtub that will fit into an inconvenient or confined location, you may just keep the one you already have and get exactly what you want.

There’s no pain, no fuss.

For a fraction of the cost of a new tub, we can restore your old one to its former glory.

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What You Get


Lasting factory grade finish

Our customers receive the best products on the market. All of our technicians are certified and have received extensive training.

15+ Years Experience.

With over FIFTEEN years of experience Every task is completed as if we were working in our own home

Written Lifetime Warranty

We provide a LIFETIME WARRANTY on anything we perform and stand behind our work and supplies 100%.

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Would've liked to have found them sooner. A fantastic website, a knowledgeable phone operator, a reasonable price, and excellent service are just a few of the reasons I chose this company.


They were prompt and courteous. In order to keep the odor to a minimum, they took great care in protecting my bathroom and redirecting the fumes outside. As a result, my bathtub looks fantastic.

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